Molton Brown Gift Set




Hey guys,
So today’s blog is all about this Molton Brown gift set that I got from my Mum as a birthday present.

It contains a bright pink wash bag with 8 different miniature bottles of body gel and body lotion it includes a range of scents including the gorgeous Ylang Ylang, Pink Pepperpod and Orange Bergamot. Now anyone who has used Molton Brown in the past, will know how gorgeous they smell and how beautifully soft and scented they make your skin feel. You only need a little to create huge bubbles in your bath or to lather your skin. My favourite has to be the Pink Pepperpod; it smells absolutely dreamy! Molton Brown describes it as pink pepperpod mixed with ginger and a base note of patchouli. I also got a free sample of the new Tobacco scent which smells absolutely amazing! It’s a real deep masculine scent which smells incredible and I would really recommend it! Overall this was a wonderful birthday present and thank you Mum for indulging me!

You’ll have to excuse me for now readers, as I’m off to take a bubble bath!

Until next time,
Vieve xxx

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